Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mysterious int arrays in a heap dump

This week I have been investigating the issue of mysterious (primitive) int array objects showing up in a heap dump (generated by the jmap utility or the Hotspot MXBean.) They are mysterious because they do not have any references to them (appears to be dead objects) according to the jhat output.

Today I learned that the garbage collectors may fabricate fake int array objects in certain cases. A heap compaction may not fully compact the heap and leave some 'holes' in the heap when the amount of the de-fragmented memory isn't worth the cost of compaction. Those holes are turned into int arrays perhaps because there is an assertion that the heap needs to look fully compacted for a certain reason, I guess. The int arrays are harmless because they look just like dead objects (unreachable from the roots) and will be garbage collected in a near-future garbage collection.

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